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we are offering a world wide range of seafood, We deliver quality seafood in time... Focused on quality

Beef Cuts

we are offering fresh & frozen beef cuts which source from: Australia, Brazil, USA, India, UAE...


Our Poultry products are sourcing from USA, Brazil & UAE, Turkey whole, breast, chicken whole, breast, drumstick, leg quarter & wings

French Fries & Potatos

Our french fries: from Holland (Lambweston) Belgium (Flounderbest) 9x9 mm A Grade, Hash brown, wedges, croquette...

Dairy Products

Dairy products are the main product which our clients use everyday, such as Mozzarella, Cheddar, Yellow Slice, ...

Fresh Fruits & Veg

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables we can source locally Afghanistan products as well as we can supply from international market.

Frozen Vegetables

We are offering frozen vegetables on any season, sweet corn, peas, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, corn on the cob...


We import the best quality ready made burgers of Beef & Chicken

Ice Cream

Ice cream is for our special clients we are importing it from Kwality ice cream and baskin robbins...